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Vartan WIP

Vartan is the main character in Fugitive Studios upcoming film East of Byzantium.
Vartan is 12" tall sculpted in Pro-Clay and is still a Work In Progress.

Action Blank

This maquette is based on an illustration by Jim Starlin of Marvel's Warlock. This was sculpted with Pro-Clay (mix of oil clay and wax) and the character if standing straight would be 10" tall making him 1:7 scale.
He was sculpted without the costume and hair, molded and casted to be customized later.

Painted in a faux bronze finish.

Batman Head

I sculpted this 3" Batman head as test for a new material (Pro-Clay) I wasn't familiar with. I then molded it, casted it, painted it and sent it to a few of our friends.


20" tall sculpted from medium Chavant. Still needs hair and a background.


20" tall, sculpted with medium Chavant with the axe made from urethane foam. Decided early in the sculpt to go for the faceted muscle look.

Cat Warrior

This was my first attempt at a figure maquette. I was in between jobs as a Sculptor for set construction and Akiko had got me a couple of the John Brown sculpting DVDs for Christmas. Looking at it now, I see plenty of problems with her, but it was a good start.
I later went on to study under John Brown at Gnomon and learned a great deal.